Pest control of mice

Main colour of House mouse (Mus musculus) is grey-brown. However, its belly side is slightly lighter that its back.

Pest control of mice

Adult house mouse can weigh 12-25 g and its body length can be 6-10 cm. Its tail equals the length of the body. House mouse can be also identified from the strong smell of its urine (acetylamide) as well as from the small droppings it leaves behind.

Yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicolli) is slightly bigger than House mouse.

Pest control of yellow-necked mice

Adult Yellow-necked mouse can weigh up to 50 g and its body length can be up to 13,5 cm.

Like its name indicates, it has a yellowish neck, yellowish or rusty-brown back as well as a light belly side. Yellow-necked mouse also have (considering its body size) exceptionally large eyes and ears.

Yellow-necked mouse has become more and more common every day. Therefore, most of the mice captured in Finland are nowadays Yellow-necked mice rather than House mice.

Pest control of mice
Can I control mice by myself?

What can I do by myself?

Please, pay attention to the so-called preventative pest control. For example:

  • by repairing your building e.g. by sealing all the available joints, gaps and slots e.g. with metal nets
  • by removing some of your trees and decimate the vegatation in general. Thus, minimize all the outdoor climbing opportunities!
  • by keeping the waste of the whole property in "rodent tight" containers
  • by removing e.g. all the fallen apples away from the yard
  • by keeping all your foodstuff in "rodent tight" containers and/or storage facilities

If you are unable to solve your mouse or mice problem with the preventive actions, please contact us. We will solve it!

Pest control of mice

Acute pest control of mice

We treat your mouse or mice problem always as an individual case. Simply because every mouse or mice problem depends highly on the amount of mice identified as well as the neighborhood in which the mice problem occurs. Therefore, please contact us, the mice control professionals. Our unique pest control plan for your mouse or mice problem is a "our key to success".

We follow Finnish rodent pest control code of practise (link to Tukes - Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency), which we have developed among others.

We use both bait and trapping methods. We install only professional well-designed bait and trapping stations carefully to the strategic locations. Stylish appearance and optimized size of the stations also allow their fairly invisible installation. We use e.g. highly efficient but still completely non-toxic Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mousetrap (link to YouTube).

Electric trap for mice

Pest control and monitoring of mice

Periodic control of mice

You shall also inquire our contract policy. When we have a mutual agreement, we put it in practice by installing various professional stations permanently to rodents’ passages. NOTE! Location and amount of stations may naturally change upon agreement.

Our certified pest control professionals will take care of the regular monitoring of the stations, and make sure that they are in full operation every day of the year. Regular monitoring of the stations as well as our thorough reporting will tell you your rodent situation in real time.

By working like that, we will stop the rodents before they become a real problem in your neighborhood!

We believe that the fundamental element of effective rodent control is the balanced combination of the preventive control and biocidal pesticides.

Please contact us when you require professional pest control services against rodents (e.g. mice and rats)!