In Finland, the most common rodents, which are classified as pests, are mice, rats and voles. Rats and mice can be generally identified by their long and round body. They also have a long tail.

Rats and mice live everywhere in the world, most commonly where people also live. Indoors, rats and mice are encountered mostly in cellars, warehouses, attics and sewers. Rodents have a special ability to adapt to different living conditions and thus they have spread almost everywhere also here in Finland - however, not in the northernmost Lapland.

Even though rats and mice do damage by eating groceries, they are still primarily a hygiene problem. Simply because they spread various and dangerous diseases (without getting sick by themselves) e.g. by defecating to the foodstuff. Especially rats are famous spreaders of various infectious diseases e.g. plague, Salmonella and Weil. Rats and mice can also make considerable indirect damage (e.g. fires) by gnawing electrical wires.

We professional pest controllers, who operate ethically, cannot do much for squirrels here in Finland. They cannot be controlled when they have a nesting season and that is almost a year around.

You can expel squirrels by yourself. Just place extremely bad smelling (e.g. ammonia) rags or towels near their location (e.g. suspended ceiling) on your house. If that method does not help, we recommend that you shall contact local hunting district next.

Pest control of mice

First of all, pay attention to the so-called preventative pest control. For example:

  • by repairing your building e.g. by sealing all the available joints, gaps and slots
  • by removing some of your trees and decimate the vegatation in general. Thus, minimize all the outdoor climbing opportunities!
  • by keeping all your foodstuff in "rodent tight" containers and/or storage facilities

Even though, retailers sell various do-it-yourself products (e.g. rodenticides, stations and traps) for mice, we recommend that you contact us at utmost time when you consider that you are unable to solve your mouse problem by yourself. We will solve it! We use products, which are only designed for professional use. Our products have a very stylish appearance and optimized size, but most of all, they are much more efficient that the consumer products.

If you encounter problems with mice regularly, we highly recommend our regular monitoring contract instead of the occasional and acute pest control actions. By working like that, we will stop the mice before they become a real problem in your neighborhood!

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Pest control of rats

First of all, please pay attention to the so-called preventative pest control also when you encounter problems with rats.

If you encounter problems with rats, we are here to solve it because you are not able to do it anymore without the required education by the local authorities. Our unique pest control plan for your rat problem is a "our key to success". By following our plan, we'll get rid of your rat problem very efficiently by using professional bait and trapping methods.

Please also inquire our continuous monitoring contract. Both our professional technicians and our customer service is able to help you and make you a truly competetive offer!

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If you require high-quality and highly professional pest control related services against rodents or need additional information about them, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!