Flies belong to order Diptera. All insects belonging to that order use only a single pair of wings to fly. Hindwings have only been evolved into advanced mechanosensory organs, which act as high-speed sensors of rotational movement and allow insects to perform advanced aerobatics.

In Finland, most flies that are described as pests, belong to the Muscidae family. They are e.g. House fly (Musca domestica) and Stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans). Other flies located indoors, are e.g. Lesser housefly (Fannia canicularis), Blowfly (Calliphora), Common greenbottle (Lucilia), Cluster fly (Pollenia rudis) and Flesh fly (Sarcophagidae). Fruit flies (Drosophilidae) are also very common indoors.

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Pest control of flies
How flies live?


If you are having a lunch e.g. with your spouse and a cockroach would walk on your plate, most likely you would leave the restaurant immediately without finishing your lunch. But if fly is about to do the same, most likely you just wave your hand to make the it fly away and continue your lunch. That is a serious mistake as the fly carries just as many diseases as the cockroach. Therefore they should be controlled with the same alert!

Flies are not able to eat solid food. Therefore they need to soften it. They start that softening process by vomiting onto food. Then they step on it and add a lot of bacterias at the same time. After that is procedure finished, they suck the food into their stomach and drop their excrements at the same time. After the flies have finished, its your (your customers) turn!

Pest control by myself

What can I do by myself?

Different kind of professional UV fly control units have been designed to monitor and control flies and other flying insects. From those UV fly control units, we recommend and represent PestWest. Their professional UV fly control units (e.g. Chameleon Vega, link to YouTube) are the world's most famous ones.

Monitoring device for flies in food sector

Both, the selection of the correct UV fly control unit type, as well as its proper installation and maintenance, have a major impact on how efficiently you will be protected against the flying insects.

Therefore, please contact us. We will give you our experience and know-how and recommend you the most suitable UV control units for your unique purpose.

Professional pest control

Pest control of flies

At first, case pre-study and then the design of unique pest control plan. After that, efficient and high-quality pest control actions with the latest available methods and techniques.

In order to achieve high-quality results in the most efficient way, we tend to use different kind of pest control methods and techniques. Our main target in pest control, is to avoid pesticides as much as possible.

Our technical responsible persons and professional pest controllers, will provide upon request additional information about our pest control methods and techniques. Please, contact us for more information!