Fur beetles

Fur beetles are classified as the pests in textiles and furs. Larvae of the fur beetles love to eat indoors above all woolen clothes, carpets, furs, textile dust and dead insects.

Beetles that do damage in textiles and furs include e.g. Museum beetle (Anthrenus museoum), Two-spotted carpet beetle (Attegenus pellio), Brown carpet beetle (Attagenus smirnovi), Larder beetle (Dermestes lardarius) and Fur beetle (Attegenus woodroffei). In this web page, we describe Two-spotted carpet beetle and Larder beetle in more detailed.

Pest control against Fur beetles - What can you do by yourself?

Easiest and the most important method to control fur beetles in your household, is to keep your clothes and textiles as well as their storage facilities pure and clean. Meaning that, all clothes and textiles, bought e.g. from flea markets, should be washed (disinfected) properly. All your non-regular textiles (especially woolen products) shall be also stored in the sealed packages.

Trust us, the pest control professionals!

If you are not able to solve your fur beetle problem by yourself e.g. with the instructions provided above, please contact us, the pest control professionals. We will execute all the pest control actions against fur beetles and other crawling insects as well with high efficiency and professionalism. Before we execute any pest control actions, we design a unique pest control plan against the identified fur beetle. Unique means that we take into serious consideration all your possible wishes, needs and requirements but also your environment.

If you are unable to solve your fur beetle problem by yourself, please contact us. We will solve it!

Two-spotted carpet beetle
Larder beetle
Two-spotted carpet beetle
Two-spotted carpet beetle
Larder beetle
Larder beetle
Identification of fur beetle


Two-spotted carpet beetle is about 5 mm long, circular and dark or black coloured beetle. It has, like its name indicates, two white spots in its back.

Two-spotted carpet beetle

Fur beetle is also 5 mm long, circular and dark-brown coloured beetle. It has, like its Finnish name indicates, a pattern that resembles a wave (belt) in its back.

Larvae of both above mentioned beetles look very similar. They are about 1 cm long, hairy and dark-brown coloured. They also have very long hair at the back end of their body. However, larva of the Fur beetle is slightly darker and less shiny than larva of Two-spotted carpet beetle.

Pest control of fur beetles

Pest control

At first, case pre-study and then the design of unique pest control plan. After that, efficient and high-quality pest control actions with the latest available methods and techniques.

In order to achieve high-quality results in the most efficient way, we tend to use different kind of pest control methods and techniques. Our main target in pest control, is to avoid pesticides as much as possible.

Our technical responsible persons, will provide upon request additional information about our pest control methods and techniques. Please, contact us for more information!

How to prepare for fur beetle pest control?

How to prepare?

If needed (additional information will be provided beforehand)

Remove all things away from where the pest control is about to take place e.g. indoor wall. However, large and heavy furniture like bookshelves and barbeque grills do not have to be moved. If you have an aquarium, you should also cover it well and take its filter system off.

NOTE! Let us in when we arrive to your door. If you are not at home, please make sure that you have taken your kids and pets out from your apartment and the master key of your housing company have access to your apartment (security lock is left open).

Thank you for your co-operation!

When can I come back after pest control actions?

Please note!

If needed (additional information will be provided beforehand)

Please note that after the pesticide treatment has been carried out, you and your pets are not allowed to enter your apartment before two (2) hours has passed by. Pregnant women, kids and people suffering from asthma shall stay away at least five (5) hours.