Crawling insects

All kinds of crawling insects will penetrate to our households and real estates all the time even though we do all kind of preventive actions. What is common to those crawling insects is that they are searching for shelter, warmth or food.

Most of the crawling insects are harmless but unfortunately not all of them as some of them will do harm or even considerable damage indoors.

For example, some pests live in groceries and in their storage facilities. Some pests will do damage to nature's material e.g. furs, wool and feathers. Some pests will come to our washing facilities from the sewerage. Some pests live in houseplants.

Luckily, those pests can be controlled by using various methods and pesticides.

First thing you should do is to identify the pest.

Pests can be at best identified by their distinctive marks. Our identification chart makes it easy for you to identify the most common crawling insects in Finland.

If you find it difficult to identify the pest, please send its picture or sample to us and we will identify it for yourself. Please also describe at the same time, where did you found it?

By using the top menu as well as the links below, you are able to open the page in which the pest is described in more detailed.

If you require high-quality and highly professional pest control related services against the crawling insects or need additional information about them, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!