Pest control

Professionally and systematically planned and then effectively executed actions in order to reduce the amount of pests to the acceptable level.

Pest control means all the professional and systematically planned and then executed actions in order to reduce the amount of pests to the acceptable level in a certain district.

Animal is defined as pest when it

  • threatens the environment, health and/or safety of humans and/or domestic animals, either directly or indirectly
  • causes significant harm and/or destruction to people, their property or domestic animals
  • it occurs in your neighbourhood to the extent causing harm

Amount of pests are reduced either by preventive or by pest controlling actions.

Preventive actions means in practise changing the environmental conditions so that they do not fit at all or no longer attract pests.

Pest control, on the other hand, means that the pests are completely "removed or destroyed" either by using the accepted biosides (chemical pest control) and/or by using other similar actions (e.g. mechanical, biological and/or physical pest control, radiation or feromones). People tend to say that the use of biocides is "use of poisons" or "poisoning" allthough that is not the case in real life.

We provide you highly professional and high quality pest control services e.g. against:

More information about the most common pests in Finland, you are able to find e.g. by opening the Pests chapter from the top menu. When you select the pest, you are directed to the page, where the pest itself and its required pest control actions are described in more detailed.

If you are unable to find the required information about the pest you are looking for, please send its picture or sample to us. We will identify and also tell additional information about it!

Please also contact us, so that you do not only get rid of the pest problem visible right now, but you will also get the pests removed for a longer period of time. Don't worry, we already have a solution also to your pest problem!

Pest control