We are also able to produce you the analysis regarding biological impurities.

We are also able to produce you the analysis regarding biological impurities. That is, a customized surface and food sample plan for your company. Our plan generally contains a couple of surface and food samples. Samples are analysed by our partner ( Net-Foodlab.

Keep the pest control chapter (3.5) of your HACCP up to date by letting us to design your plan and let us take the necessary samples. Well-designed plan by an external party will, most of all, save your time and give you further improvement requests that you do necessarily see by yourself.

Food and surface samples

We take our food samples by using hygifood® ATP-service designed by Net-FoodLab. Service is accredited by FINAS and accepted by authorities. Samples are analysed by taking into consideration e.g. your business area, purity requirements and security risks.

ATP-test is a quick test method that quickly measures all the impurities lying in the surface. In that test, the quantity of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate, C10H16N5O13P3) in a sample is measured. Additional information about the limit values applied in test, can be found from the attachment (NOTE! Unfortunately only in Finnish) below.

We take our surface samples by using Hygicult TPC products designed by Orion.

Hygicult TPC is an easy-to-use test to prove the bactery level. Hygicult TPC is also completely Finnish and high quality product, which guarantees repeatable and comparable results every time.

Hygiene samples from groceries

When we take samples from the raw material (e.g. grains) of the groceries, we use the methods recommended by Finnish Food Safety Authority Ruokavirasto.

Activities at Evira aim at ensuring food safety, promoting animal health and welfare, and developing the prerequisites for plant and animal production, and plant health.

Please contact us, so that we are able to design you a customized HACCP including the pests.

hygifood® ATP
Hygicult TPC
hygifood® ATP
hygifood® ATP
Hygicult TPC
Hygicult TPC