Our disinfection treatments are done with the professional equipment and with solid professional skills. Our treatments are always the most effective way to get the large or otherwise challenging facilities disinfected. Our disinfection treatments are always customized, so please contact us, whether it is your apartment, henhouse or large storage facilities that require our treatment.

All activities that combat microorganisms or other pathogens, can be called disinfection. Purpose of the disinfection is to prevent the spread of unwanted microorganisms by interfering their structure and metabolism.

Disinfectants used for disinfection treatment are intended to be used for both non-living environments (incl. objects, surfaces and secretions) and for the purification of all living tissues, for example in inflammatory conditions and in general hand hygiene.

Why should I hire a professional?
Active ingredients of the disinfectants can be selected from a wide range of options, but their selection requires professional skills and experience. This is because all the ingredients do not affect all microorganisms, such as bacteria, spores, mycobacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. The long-term chemical stability of the substance must be also taken into account.

Our disinfectant treatments (with proper disinfectant) are always customized professional and effective treatments. Purpose of our treatment is to kill all the bacterial and viral strains from the areas where it is required by authorities and other similar bodies. We execute the necessary treatments with the professional equipment and with several years of experience and professionalism. As a result, your site is always clean and pest-free.

Disinfection treatments to animal shelters:
Different animal shelters (e.g. henhouses, piggeries and other production facilities) require disinfection treatments, so that all harmful microbes will be kept away due to the animals living there and the people looking after them.

Over the years, we have executed several disinfections treatments to the different animal shelters. We execute our customized treatments with the professional equipment and with several years of experience and professionalism. This way we can guarantee a professional result.

Disinfection treatments to households:
If needed, we also perform disinfection treatments (e.g. odor removal) to the households where the died resident has lived. In those situations, the quality and discretion of our work are extremely important to us. Our skilled and high quality work guarantees the satisfaction of the relatives even in these sad circumstances.

If you require our disinfection treatment or if you need additional information about it, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!

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