Storage facilities

Professional high-quality partner to do the pest management and pest control for your storage and production facilities.

Do you want a high-quality partner to monitor, manage and control the pest situation in your storage and production facilities?

Pest control in large storage and production facilities require, first of all, high quality pest control planning, because all the facilities are different and thus an unique pest control plan is always required. Please, let us design that plan for you. Just forget your pest problems for a while and concentrate on your key business. Let us control the pests!

How well are the pest control of your company's storage and production facilities by the way executed at the moment?

Our services to you

Pest management
At large storage and production facilities, we monitor and control pests e.g. by installing monitoring stations to the strategic locations. Our periodic and professional pest monitoring and control actions of rodents as well as the flying and crawling insects, we can verify the problem at early stage and respond to it very quickly. In that way, we keep the damage done by pests and thus also your losses at minimum.

Pest control
Pest control in large storage and production facilities require also high professional skills and methods. When we arrive to your site, we always survey your site thoroughly and identify the pest(s) before doing any actions. That is our way of working. We offer you high-quality pest control services such as fogging and ULV-fogging with the latest available tools.

If you require our high-quality and highly professional services or if you need additional information about them, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!