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Professional high-quality partner to do the pest management and pest control for your housing co-operative.

Do you want a high-quality partner to monitor, manage and control the pest situation of your housing company?

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Pest Insurance Deal for Housing Companies

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Pest management of your housing company

For housing companies, we offer high-quality pest management services. Pest management means in practice, carefully installed monitoring stations against rodents and other pests.

Our high-quality and regular pest management help you to identify and verify your pest problem already at an early stage and prevent it from spreading. By trusting the pest management services to us, you help to prevent the possible damages caused by pests.

Pest control of your housing company

If your housing company faces a pest problem, you shall always contact a professional in business like us. Our effective and high-quality pest control actions will reduce the projected workload of the property manager as well as the board of directions of the housing company especially when your pest problem is acute. Our technical professionals will take care of your problem by taking into consideration all the necessary safety requirements and the wishes of your residents. Contact us and your pest problem is us to deal!

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If you require our high-quality and highly professional services or if you need additional information about them, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!

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