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Antitec Turku offers high-quality pest control services in Western Finland (Varsinais-Suomi and Satakunta, e.g. Loimaa, Rauma, Salo and Turku). We will take care of the pest control services e.g. in housing companies, town houses, offices, restaurants and in different kind of warehouses and storage spaces. In Finland, the most common pests are rodents (e.g. rats and mice), birds, wasps, ants, cockroaches, fur beetles, moths in textiles and in groceries, bed bugs and silverfish.

Amount of pests can be reduced with preventive and pest control actions. Skilled, trained and certificated technicians of our Turku office will help you with both of those. Preventive actions mean in practise by changing the environmental conditions so that they do not fit at all or no longer attract pests. Pest control, on the other hand, means that the pests are completely "destroyed" either by using the accepted biosides (chemical pest control) and/or by using other similar actions (e.g. mechanical, biological and/or physical pest control, radiation or feromones). People tend to say that the chemical pest control is "use of poisons" or "poisoning" allthough that is not true.

Pest control e.g. for housing companies and food sector

It is a fact that pests will "disturb the peace of living" of every resident whether they live in a apartment, town, loft and terrace house. In the housing companies, problems caused by the pests, can be prevented e.g. by installing monitoring stations against rodents and other pests. Our technical professionals will take care of your problem by taking into consideration all the necessary safety requirements and the wishes of your residents.

For restaurants and other companies in the food sector, we are able to provide e.g. self control services related to hygiene or sampling services. Our high-quality UV fly control units are also very popular and efficient monitoring method against flying insects in the business area, where the food safety is extremely critical. Please contact us for more information about our services!

More information about pests

Do you require more information about the pest, you have came across? Our web pages contain the chapter called pests. Chapter contains e.g. additional information about the most common pests (flying and crawling insects, rodents and birds) as well as the required pest control method against it.

If you find it difficult to identify the pest, please send its picture or preferably sample to our Turku office and we will identify it for yourself. After that we are able to provide additional information about it and how to get rid of it? We are here for you!

Pest control services offered by our Turku office

Our services in Western Finland include e.g.:

Special services offered by our Turku office

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Please call us or send us email. You can also leave your message and contact details with our contact form and we'll contact you at utmost time. Contact us also if you need additional information about our services. We will help you with pleasure!

If you require high-quality and highly professional pest control related service or need additional information about them, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!

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