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Are you looking for high-quality pest control services from Central Finland? You have found exactly the right company. Antitec is a Finnish limited company specializing in pest control and pest management. We are operating nationwide.We offer high-quality pest control services also in Central Finland to both private (e.g. town houses) and business customers (e.g. retails and day care centers) as well as housing companies (e.g. row/terraced, loft and apartment houses). We can also help you by phone. Do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by email!

Pest control plan as a starting point

Our pest control and pest management starts with the design of the pest control plan. In our unique plan, we tell you the most efficient and at the same time, most environmental-friendly pest control method against the identified pest by using the latest available methods and techniques. Our plan also consists the pest control schedule, which is designed by following the recommendations made by the biocide manufacturers. Our skilled, trained and certificated technicians of our Hankasalmi office are able to design a suitable and efficient plan also to your particular pest problem.

Also special services, consultancy and training available

We are also able to provide you special services e.g. disinfection treatments and fumigations. Purpose of the disinfection is to prevent the spread of unwanted microorganisms by interfering their structure and metabolism. Fumigation is the method in pest control that completely fills the area (e.g. sea container or silo) in question with gaseous pesticides or fumigants in order to suffocate or poison the pests around. Antitec has achieved a Full Member status of the GTAS Fumigation module in the GAFTA Trade Assurance Scheme. We are also able to offer you customized training and consultancy in all areas of the pest control business. Our main target is to really concentrate on customer satisfaction and high-quality. We are also actively developing more efficient and pest-friendly practises to our business field.

Contact us

Please call us or send us email. You can also leave your message and contact details with our contact form and we'll contact you at utmost time. Contact us also if you need additional information about our services. We will help you with pleasure!

If you require high-quality and highly professional pest control related service or need additional information about them, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!

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